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Article Rebuttal Essay

For as far back as 17 months, appeared on each TV news channel over the United States. The instance of George Zimmerman, and the shooting passing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Like each year, the media will take a case and openly transform the story into a carnival. The rejoinder article for this paper is a story composed by Oliver Knox of named, â€Å"Obama: Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.† Further conversation will break down the unwavering quality, believability, and legitimacy of the information utilized by Oliver Knox, and distinguish any intelligent paradoxes in the contention. The article is about President Barack Obama offering his first open remarks on the George Zimmerman absolution. The president expressed that numerous African Americans accept the result and fallout of the preliminary would have been unique if Trayvon Martin had been white. The president later expressed that when he originally found out about this story, his contemplation s said this could have been his child (Obama, 2013). At that point getting increasingly close to home by saying this could have been me 35 years prior (Obama, 2013). By utilizing individual encounters, the president talked about his life as a youthful African American managing prejudice in the United States. I find that the dependability, believability, and legitimacy of this article and writer Oliver Knox exceptionally trusted, persuading, and trustworthy. News stories composed and posted by reports a clear message to their crowd. Revealing stories down the center, never excessively left or right with the periodic predisposition creator either possibly in support of a specific point. Holding political perspectives down to a negligible. This specific article matches other comparable articles composed on a similar report. Second, Oliver Knox composed the story on the announcements and expressions of the president as he tends to the American open. Third, the certifiable creator of this story is President Barack Obama himself, Oliver Knox just composed his announcement. The crowd that the president concentrated on in his location is the African American individuals. Utilizing his very own encounters, the president can identify with the continuous shock of the African Americanâ pu blic. President Obama feels the agony and frustrations of the result of the case. On account of this story initially came out 17 months back, numerous coherent errors surfaced about this case. In the first place, the media inclined toward an executing of a blameless youthful 17-year-old kid, staying out of other people's affairs. At that point demonstrating a photograph of this kid at 12 years old. At that point here comes George Zimmerman, trying too hard to find something and searching for a battle by singling out a youthful African American kid. Would the story remain the equivalent if George Zimmerman was African American with a similar result, the open will never realize what happened that night. In the interim, the story set the pace for future tales about this case. Bringing up the issue about race have anything to do with the episode between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. The legitimate errors of this article happened when President Obama communicated his interests and individual encounters with the American individuals. This episode could without much of a stretch be him 35 years prior as a youngster managing bigotry in America. Worry that African Americans believe that this case created on race. A faith in the legitimate framework would have an alternate result if Trayvon were white. Significantly after member of the jury number B37 came out expressing that race had no issue to the result of the case. Both the jury and legitimate specialists expressed that Zimmerman and Trayvon made misguided thinking the night, which prompted the passing of Trayvon. Explanations by the jury alluding the main purpose behind Zimmerman’s absolution in light of the fact that the way the â€Å"stand your ground† law is composed. This article likewise gave some great featured focuses. The president urged his crowd to help and empower the youngsters of this nation by helping them accomplish and prevail throughout everyday life. To be increasingly compelling and control them in good shape. On the off chance that the youngsters don't have the help from family, companions, neighbors, and the network, who will assist them with remaining on the upright way (Obama, 2013). This news story composed by Oliver Knox and different writers in this nation, revealing the sentiments and concerns tended to by this nation’s pioneer. Expressing the issue of prejudice despite everything lives in the lives of some American individuals. Identifying with his very own sentiments on prejudice and requesting change to conquer these obstructions. So the individuals, as a country will never observe another George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case again. References Knox, O. (2013). Obama: Trayvon Martin ‘could have been me 35 years ago’. Hurray Recovered from - obamaâ€trayvon-martin-%E2%80%98could-have-been-me-35-years-ago%E2%80%99â€180734663.html Millstone, K. (2013). Obama: Trayvon Martin ‘could have been me’. MSN News. Recovered from

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How to BuyArgumentative Essay Writing

How to BuyArgumentative Essay WritingArgumentative essay writing is a crucial part of good essay writing, which helps to make sure that the writer develops arguments that are well written. Argumentative essay writing requires that the writer is able to come up with both strong and compelling arguments that will help to make the reader is persuaded and to decide on the correct answer. In this way, the argumentative essay is able to help in gaining acceptance from the reader, but it is equally important that you are able to use the correct words and arguments in order to get the desired result.In order to write a persuasive essay, you must be able to be flexible with the style and words that you choose. A word count is one factor that you need to consider, but not necessarily the most important aspect. Instead, think about the style and feel of the essay, the tone of voice that you use, and how each word will affect the way that you write the essay. Consider also the emotional impact t hat the essay will have on the reader.One of the best ways to write a persuasive essay is to develop strong and confident writing skills. Writing persuasively can take time, but the final result is one that the reader will see right away. The purpose of writing is to deliver the facts, the arguments, and the ideas in a way that will help the reader to come to a certain conclusion. The writer must make the reader feel that he or she is an expert in the subject that is being covered. In order to do this, the writer needs to know how to effectively use words and phrases in order to make a persuasive argument.One of the best ways to develop a persuasive essay is to take your time and to have patience with yourself. Remember that the essay is not something that you should rush through. You must be able to follow your own rules and style of writing, and not allow yourself to be influenced by other people's style. Remember that you are in control of the facts and the facts that you are pre senting are not going to change just because you have chosen to write in an argumentative manner.If you can show yourself to be consistent with your styles of writing, you will be more successful in developing a persuasive essay. This is because the readers will begin to know what they are getting from you and your style will become more known. This will enable you to take your influence and use it in your writing. The same holds true for any form of writing, whether it is good prose or the literary equivalent of drivel.Another way to develop a persuasive essay is to have a strong supporting argument. There is nothing wrong with using solid statistics to back up your claims. An essay that contains this level of support will give the reader reasons to believe that you have a valid point. It will also help to create the same level of trust from the reader that the author has with his or her arguments.To develop a persuasive essay that will help your reader to decide on the correct ans wer to the question that you are asking, you need to remember that the person reading the essay is going to have many different opinions. It is a good idea to keep in mind what other people have said about the topic, and what they may have thought was the correct answer. By understanding how other people feel, you can use their views in order to help to form your own opinion. It is also important to have a strong opinion that will help you form your own.Remember that the most important part of writing a persuasive essay is to make sure that you present your facts clearly and to come up with a strong and compelling argument. The writer must know how to be consistent with his or her style and must also be able to develop strong and convincing writing skills. In doing so, the reader will feel as though they are in a position to take a stand.

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A Pair of Tickets †Short Analysis Essay

Who am I? Have you at any point sat and contemplated the contributing components that make you the individual you are? In â€Å"A Pair of Tickets,† in order to find her actual self, June May battles to recognize what her identity is. Amy Tan is a creator who utilizes the component of character improvement to draw out the topic of mindfulness and personality in this story, for the most part concentrating on the principle character having the double character of being Chinese American. While June May finds her genealogical home, she additionally finds a piece of herself. June May’s mother was a settler from China. Toward the start of the story, June recounts how her mom attempts to pass on their family’s history and inheritance to her. June, who is completely assimilated and totally uninformed of their legacy, recounts how at fifteen years old she accepts she is not any more Chinese than her Caucasian companions despite the fact that her mom was determined in persuading her that being Chinese would not have benefited from outside intervention. Her pass port uncovers her American name which is June May however she decides to present herself as Jing-Mei, which is her Chinese name. This episode is the beginning of her tolerating her Chinese legacy. She has numerous misguided judgments all through the story; most about what is to be Chinese and the way of life of China and the individuals that live there. One model being she didn't feel that â€Å"communist China† would have such extravagant inns, which is a case of American generalizing. She thinks about her stature to those of the individuals she is encircled by when she gets off the train to make a beeline for customs, saying that she was a lot taller. She was expecting a customary Chinese dinner yet her family settled on the burgers, fries, and crusty fruit-filled treat. She was stunned when her more youthful cousin Lili acted like on the off chance that she was a supermodel while snapping a photo. June began to take in how American culture had formed her perspectiv e and that she wasn't right in trusting her family would be increasingly not quite the same as her. Regularly looking on the encounters of your families past is some of the time expected to find who we are as an individual. Going to China assists June with seeing how she is Chinese. As she gets familiar with her family and her mother’s life and the penances she needed to make, June’s attitude changes more. She looks at being Chinese to changing into a werewolf as if it was something she would need to turn into. Before the finish of the story, she understands that the piece of her that is Chinese is her family, and it is in her blood. Turning out to be Chinese was not reasonable and her mom was correct. She was at that point Chinese, and it would not have benefited from outside intervention. June May’s venture was never about getting Chinese, or understanding the way of life, it was tied in with understanding what her identity is and realizing that there are portions of herself that she had no control of their reality. Discovering her ethnic and social roots whi le in China permitted June May Woo to find Jing-Mei Woo.

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Women s Rights Of Women - 1477 Words

Nineteen Amendment Although woman had many duties at home, church and in community, they had almost not political or legal rights. Women were seen as dependents of men and without any power. They were often thought just props that enhanced the social status of her husband by making him appear as a trustworthy family man to his community. By the 1840s a great amount of people began fighting for women’s right to be first class citizens. After the fifteenth amendment was passed in 1870 allowing African American men to vote, women felt it excluded them and were disappointed that others were giving the right to vote before them. American women began a movement to gain more power as women and American citizens. The nineteenth amendment is a turning point in history because it granted women the power to vote by prohibiting any United States citizen to be denied the right to vote based on sex (PBS). The Seneca Falls convection in July 1848 led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott, was the first women s rights convention in American history. Men and women from all over joined the three ladies in Seneca Falls, New York to protest the mistreatment of women in social, economic, political, and religious life. They demanded that women be granted all of the rights and privileges that men possessed, including the right to vote. They also argued that women deserved equal wages and career opportunities in law, medicine, education and the government. The DeclarationShow MoreRelatedWomen s Rights Of Women Essay1455 Words   |  6 Pagesa myriad of women have expressed through outlets such as public assemblies, literature, and speeches. There have been three waves of the women’s movement, each targeting a variety of issues within each era. The third wave was in 1995, where Hillary Clinton spoke in Beijing, China, claiming that women’s rights were the same as human rights, that every aspiring girl deserved the civil liberties that every man was given around the world. Moreover, the movement had shifted towards women in developingRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1265 Words   |  6 Pagesstands in the way of women being equal to men? Journalist Carlin Flora suggests the following, â€Å"While not all claims to humanity are universal and no one context, culture or continent can truly represent all peoples, the following three examples from very different contexts, cultures and continents show that some violations of women’s human rights are universal. In particular, it is still the case the world over that a woman’s reproductive rights, which impact on her right to life, are still seenRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women881 Words   |  4 PagesTwenty –first century ladies are discovering it a daunting task to keep up both sexual orientation parts as an aftereffect of the women s activist development. They are presently assuming liability for both the supplier and the nurturer, battling like never before to acquire and keep a superior personal satisfaction. Woman s rights has supported in equivalent vocation opportunity, battling to get ladies acknowledged into the employment advertise, and what initially began as ladies strengtheningRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women Essay1647 Words   |  7 Pagesthe early 1920’s, women thought they had achieved the unachievable. They could finally work, keep their earned wages, marry whomever they please, and even vote. After reaching their goal and fighting vigorously, women could taste equality and the freedom they deserved. While women still have the right to work in today’s society, women are not exactly treated equal in the workplace. Regardless of the past and the extreme measures taken to ensure equal opportunities for both men and women, there are manyRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1590 Words   |  7 Pagesthe 1920s, women were ignored in every aspect of their life. From politics, to social situations, women were constantly looked at as lesser. The 20s was a decade of women ready to fight for their rights. From gaining social freedoms, to getting political rights, the 20s was the first decade of feminism. Many women played key roles in the fight for women s rights through speeches, marches, and much more. The women that fought for their rights in the 1920s completely changed how women live their livesRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1230 Words   |  5 PagesWomen’s suffrage has stretched from the 1800’s to present day, as women have struggled to have the same civil and constitutional rights as men in politics and be appreciated as equals in the workforce. Groups of women known as suffragists questioned the customary views of women’s roles. Eventually our nation has evolved and realized that male-controlled societies suppress women’s rights. From the beginning steps taken in 1850 to 2013 with women earning combat roles in the military, women’s rolesRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1206 Words   |  5 Pagesto speak of women and the role of women in this election, the subject of women is tiresome but necessary in a world where gender is still existent as an obstacle for most. I cannot identify what woman is. I am basing my definition from our modern understanding of woman, our general view, and the popular experience. People are using younger women voting for Bernie Sanders as proof of gender’s irrelevant in this election, that women have achieved their rights. Even if women ‘have rights now’ it doesRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1393 Words   |  6 Pages Women all over the world are being treated different than men. Iran is one of the places that women are being treated the worst. From restrictions to punishments, women in Iran are being treated with no respect, and that is not okay. Women’s rights activists have tried to get it to change, and have traveled to many places to try and get more people to join their movement. There are many issues with women not having the same rights as men. One of the main problems is that they are treated lessRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1272 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout history, women have fought a strenuous battle for equal rights. Many men, and even some women, all over the world believe that women do not share the same value and importance to society as men do. On September 5, 1995, Hillary Clinton spoke at the 4th World Conference on Women, on behalf of women all over the world. Clinton raised awareness on how women s rights are being violated and why it is important to recognize women s rights as equal to everyone else’s rights. Even today, in 2016Read MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe family has traditionally been the basic unit of Chinese society where women have long been charged with upholding society s values in their roles as wives and mothers. Especially in the Qing Dynasty, women were required to balance society s i deals with the reality of raising a family and maintaining a household. Throughout the imperial period and into the beginning of the twentieth century, the relationship among family members was prescribed by Confucian teachings. The revered philosopher

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In the world of computer and network security, there are...

In the world of computer and network security, there are myriad ways to launch an attack, which, from the perspective of a network, can usually be defined as traffic that has vicious intent. There are infinite computer attacks that no firewall can prevent, such as those executed locally on the machine by a malicious user. From the networks perspective, there are numerous types of attack. Attacks can be grouped into two types: brute force and precision. Juniper Firewall has the capability to protect against both types of attack. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are one of the most well-known network security threats under brute force attacks, which is largely due to the high-profile way in which they can†¦show more content†¦We can use flows or sessions as a way to determine whether traffic attempting to traverse the firewall is legitimate. We control the state-checking components resident in Juniper Firewall by configuring flow settings. These settings allow you to configure state checking for various conditions on the device. You can use flow settings to protect against TCP hijacking, and to generally ensure that the fire-wall is performing full state processing when desired. We take a case study of attack on a network and perform study of the detection of the malicious packets on a Netscreen Firewall. A new solution for securing enterprise networks will be developed here. 1. INTRODUCTION A number of malicious attacks which causes disruption to the processes has been increased due to an increase in the tremendous expansion in the field of computer networks. The main aim of network administrators is to provide continuous services to which they are intended to. Currently, the main aim of researchers is to provide secure network whereas, little intervention has been given to the quantification of network security which includes assessing of the vulnerability and malicious attacks to these systems. One of the huge networks which has more possibility to malware is an Enterprise Network which is a large and diverse network that connects both major and minor sites within an enterprise.Thesecurity and trustworthiness of Enterprise Networks have been a major concern inShow MoreRelatedIlluminated Manuscripts: The Kindles of the Past Essay1783 Words   |  8 PagesIlluminated Manuscripts Long before the time of kindle and nook, books were a unique object that were handcrafted for the purpose of easy transportation of important information across the empire. Most popularly, these manuscripts were used in churches, monasteries and other significant holy places during the spread of Christianity. This began in the second century with the development of monasteries and covenants. In addition to being hand bound and written these texts would also provide intricateRead MoreEmulating the Work of the Limbourg Brothers’ Through Illuminated Manuscript Illustration.986 Words   |  4 Pagesthis time to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary, however, there are not many others in existence that can compare to the rich color, narrative and decoration that the Limbourg Brothers applied to their work. This book of hours is the only complete manuscript to be illuminated by the Limbourg Brothers. The Brothers painted every illustration in the Belles Heures which allows viewers today to see how their art changed and improved over the course of making the entire book of hours. As said best aboutRead MoreAnalyzing The Evangelist Portraits By The Codex Amiatinus1683 Words   |  7 PagesCodex Amiatinus This paper considers the illuminated pages of the Codex Amiatinus, the vast and elaborate eighth-century manuscript produced in Northumbria intended as a papal gift to Rome, giving particular attention to the Tabernacle diagram, or Temple page of the Codex as it has been variously identified (fols IIv‒IIIr), in the context of the two other miniatures in the manuscript. Differing groups of scholars argue that the conceptually complex double-folio diagram is a concrete representation ofRead MoreThe Lindisfarne Gospels : An Insular Identity1748 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom Near East to create the Hiberno-Saxon, or Insular style. This style would be employed by the monks at Lindisfarne to create one of the most splendid texts of early medieval Brittania, the eponymous Lindisfarne Gospels. A wondrous illuminated manuscript worthy of its acclaim, these Gospels are a quintessential example of Hiberno-Saxon style, and they expertly demonstrate the dedication and craftsmanship invested by the monks of Lindisfarne as they melded pagan style with Christian imagery and iconographyRead MoreEssay on Innovation During the Middle Ages 2066 Words   |  9 Pagesanalyzed in this paper is an illuminated manuscript page (fig 1) and an ivory diptych (fig 2). There are several similarities, as well as differences throughout the works. I will describe each piece then continue to compare and contrast them, this will work to facilitate a greater understanding of the Middle Ages through works of art. The illuminated manuscript page (fig 1) was a popular art form throughout the Middle Ages. Illuminated manuscripts, ornamented manuscript pages executed on an animal skinRead MoreAn Analysis Of Grandes Chroniques De France1855 Words   |  8 Pageswas solidified for royal chronicles in the later medieval period. This illuminated manuscript aestheticizes history within the borders of art, conceiving a tangible demonstration of its patron’s political, societal and religious success. What is unique about this piece is its reliance on aesthetics to narrate rather than language. Its patron, King Charles V of France, manipulated the art of illuminated manuscripts by taking advantage of its historical narrative purpose, with his emphasis on documentationRead MoreManuscript Text Or Running Head1672 Words   |  7 PagesManuscript text. In order to maintain anonymity during the peer-review process CCN requires that the author’s name or institution are not included in the manu script text or running head (AACCN, 2015). An initial literature search was conducted to retrieve resources that where used to examine the topic and develop the outline of the manuscript text. An explanation of the literature search is discussed further below. Upon conducting the literature search, the resources were examined for main themesRead MoreTesco Manuscript Essay1293 Words   |  6 PagesTesco Speech Thank you, please be seated, it is an honor for me to speak here for you today at the London School of Economics. As you may know my name is Tom Johnson and I am the PR assistant for Tesco, which is one of the largest retailers in the world, and that title have some expectations committed to it. I am here today to give a speech for you about Tesco’s current situation, and how we plan to deal with it, as one of the largest retailers. With the changing consumer behavior in kept inRead MoreThe New Testament1521 Words   |  7 PagesSince, there are so many manuscripts that can help to cross-reference copies and create a better depiction of what the original would say. With all of the copies and differing languages, this makes the cross-referencing even stronger. The book with next highest amount of manuscripts is Homer’s Iliad, which is the equivalent of the Bible to the ancient Greeks, with only 650 manuscripts to cross-reference. The 5,000 Greek manuscripts of the Bible alone make the 650 manuscripts of the Iliad seem minusculeRead MoreMaster Was An Italian Artist858 Words   |  4 Pagescollection names are â€Å"Cutting from a choir book† and â€Å"Four Saints†. It was an extremely innovative, powerful and influential era of art during 14th Century when Olivetan Master started his paintings and manuscripts of Illumination that is presented in the National Gallery of Art. 52 illuminated manuscript pages and 4 bound volume that describes the sacred subjects. It also includes the miniatures dating from 12th to 16th century from France, Germany, Austria, Bohemia, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy

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The Hebrew Prophets Are Filled With Varied Imagery And

The Hebrew prophets are filled with varied imagery and language, from the colorful language of the visions Ezekiel’s Temple (Ez. 40-48), to the literary techniques of judgement oracles (Isa. 13), to the laments of Jeremiah (Jer. 12). However, no other rhetorical device should cause its audiences, both original and modern, to squirm with discomfort more than the prophetic metaphors that speak negatively of feminine sexuality and propagate misogynistic abuse towards women. These metaphors, graphic and violent, often portray the people of Israel as dishonored, sexually promiscuous women who have shamed their husbands. As an African-American woman and Old Testament scholar, Renita J. Weems deals with these difficult metaphors to understand†¦show more content†¦An attitude of patriarchy places a high expectation on the oldest male in the household as the authority of the household, his wife (or wives) included. With this, a woman’s sexual experience was owned by th e man in authority over her. Any illicit sexual activity of a woman under the authority of a man would have been a slight towards the patriarchal expectations and would be considered shameful for the man, his household, and the woman involved. As a result, ancient society would have expected the husband to act violently in response to any such dishonor put brought upon him by his wife. With these cultural mores in mind, the Prophets’ choice in a marriage metaphor would have been a valuable tool in their rhetorical aim. Weems states: After all, marriage and family norms were central to maintaining and perpetuating Israel’s Patriarchal culture, and dismantling the marriage relationship, as surely a wife’s adultery threatened to do, posed a threat to every patriarchal household†¦ [the prophets] attempted to find an angle of vision that could tap into the most cherished interests and values of their audience. However, Weems argues that the shocking part of these metaphors is not the misogynistic violence towards the women. Instead, it is the prophetic connection between the actions of Israel, Judah, and Jerusalem and the actions of these culturally dishonorable women. The prophet’s undoubtedlyShow MoreRelatedRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesmainstream of popular culture through the use of music. Marley is not seen as a religious ï ¬ gure; rather he is seen as a rock star, a pop hero, an icon. And yet his faith is at the core of his music. Rastafarians have dubbed Marley the psalmist and prophet of the movement. This is a crucial part of the wonderful complexity of the Rastafarian movement. Jamaica owes a great debt to the men who formed the Rastafarian movement in the 1930s. Rastafarianism has served as a lightning rod of discussion about

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Goals and Procedure of Mental Health Assessment Samples for Students

Question: How Do Goals And Procedure Of Mental Health Assessment? Answer: Introduction: World Healthcare organization has described the psychological well being of a person as a state of complete mental, physical and social well being and not merely depends on the presence or absence of an infirmity or a disease (Paniagua Yamada, 2013). With the increasing trends of globalization, the number of mental ailments is found to be increasing proportionally. Present scenario in Australia shows that one in every five Australians are suffering from mental illness. It has been designated as one of the third leading cause of disability burden in the nation and this can be backed up by a fact that accounts for about 27% of the total years lost in disability. National survey conducted has shown that only 35% of the mentally affected individuals who sought for health service and only 29% consulted a GP within 12 months of the survey (Heilburn et al., 2014). Before it can be seen that the rise of mental health patients are taking place but awareness for seeking healthcare services ar e very less. Mental health disorders not only destroys quality of the life of an individual but also results her to face different social issues that makes the matter worse as mental disorder stigma still pre ails in the society in spite of the governments initiatives to spread awareness. Therefore the essay will portray the responsibility of the health care professionals in assessing the mental health of people affected by mental health disorders, spread awareness, helping them with proper interventions, managing risks that may compromise their lives and other similar aspects. Approach for mental health assessment: Currently global mental health care has focused their aim in the improvement of care for the individuals who are suffering from health care. However, evidence based articles suggest that proper mental health assessment is not only focusing on the issue faced by the mental health patient but should include a comprehensive approach that would look all over into the subjective well being of the individual (Rayner et al., 2014). Proper mental health assessment would also include the nurse to perceive self efficacy, intergenerational dependence, autonomy of the patients. It is also the responsibility of the nurse to recognize the ability of a mental health patient to understand and evaluate the mental health patients intellectual as well as emotional potential. Effect of mental health on individuals: People who have developed mental illness are vulnerable to a greater risk for decreased quality of life. Not only that they face educational difficulties, lowered productivity as well as severe poverty due to inability to perform work. Such patients are also not able to communicate socially and go through a phase of social exclusion which in turn has different negative impacts on their lives increasing their intensity of their disorders. They become more vulnerable to be abused by perpetrators and also suffer from several additional health problems (Rogers Pilgrim, 2014). It had been seen in many cases that mental health disorder has affected the educational initiatives and this in turn prevent them from pursuing careers and therefore their future does not turn out to be bright. Researchers have seen that those people who have developed the disorder had lesser evidences of completing schools and colleges in comparison to their friends who have no mental disorders. Moreover mental di sorders affect lives of human beings in such a way that is leads to lowered productivity in the employment sector which harms their career resulting in facing economic crisis. Moreover all of these result in a huge impact on the personal lives of such mental health people. This in turn makes them to compromise different aspects of personal lives and often emotional tensions start up in normal family lives. All of these, sum up to situations that make the mentally ill patient more vulnerable to self harm and substance abuse letting to complete destruction of a quality life that is the birthright of every human being (Patel Saxena, 2014). Effect of mental health on families and carers: Managing mental health patients has often been a burden to the carers and family persons. This is mainly because as they are caring for the mentally ill patient and are giving much off their physical effort, they are themselves getting stressed both physically as well as mentally. Excessive pressures on the family results in decreased economic condition of the family and often there is reduction in the earning of household with increased risk of poverty. Family members may thereby pass through severe chronic stress that may occur at physical level as well as emotional level while caring for their family members. Effect of mental health disorder on society: Not only at the family level, have mental health patients also contributed to the burden of national economies and impeding international public health efforts. Although societal impacts vary according to cultures and nations, untreated mental health issues develop significant costs to society. WHO have also estimated that when mental illness as well as unemployment due to mental illness is together take into account, they result in a gross total loss of few billions to the nation which is a indeed a huge sum of money (Seligman et al., 2014). Although majority of the mental health patient do not exhibit harmful dangerous behaviors, but there are some patients who might become vulnerable to show aggressive behavior and may act as a threat to society due to their violence and incarceration. Different types of mental health disorders: A large number of mental health disorders can be listed that affect the lives of many individuals in Australia. It is very important for the nurse to conduct proper mental health assessment of the individual to indentify exactly the symptoms and the disorder that he is facing. Therefore, she needs to develop an experience that will help him to handle each patient effectively (Baker et al., 2016). Different cases of mental health diseases can be allocated for her who might include severe alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse. Delirium is another case of mental health disorder which can be identified by the patients illusions, restlessness, incoherence and others. She may also face eating disorders which are very common among teenagers and young adults nowadays. Besides psychosis, anxiety, bipolar disorders, mood disturbances, schizophrenia are some of the disorders whose cases are recently reported to be increasing in different states of Australia with the increase of different types of stresses over life and lifestyle and expectation from every individual (Switzer, Dew Bromet, 2013). Goals and procedure of mental health assessment: The goal of a mental healthcare nurse should include providing a comprehensive assessment that will include the diagnosis and panning of the therapeutic interventions. The treatment will only be planned after conducting out proper evaluation of the every aspect of the mentally ill patient and consulting with different healthcare professionals and the family members. Conducting of the mental health assessment and taking of the history of the patient is important to plan out the interventions (Forbes Watt, 2015). The nurse has to gather sufficient information about the patient so that she can clearly visualize the patients problem in order to take steps. A proper list of goals that are needed to be attended by the nurse for correct mental health assessment of the patient is to establish a therapeutic alliance with the patient. Secondly the nurse should also collect the right and correct data pertaining to the patients mental state. This is important for the nurse to make formulation f rom it. Thirdly it is extremely important for the nurse to develop understanding of the problems of the patients. Depending upon this the nurse would develop a management and treatment plan which would be done in collaboration with the patient. The last goals of the nurse would be to decrease the impact of the psychiatric symptoms of the patient so that he can gradually recover from this phases.(Russell et al., 2016) Risk assessment: The nurse should also conduct a risk assessment. The nurse should collaborate with experienced professionals to devise plan after proper agreement from every of the professionals in case of patients in case of patients who shows violence and aggression. The risk assessments of the nurse should include considering the supports that are available to the patient (Brownie et al., 2014). It also include considering whether any changes in the level of functioning in general. The risk assessment also involves assessing that whether the individual had become impulsive, distressed or desperate. The nurse should ensure that whether any drug or alcohol issues were involved or not. The assessment would also involve evaluating the different types of behaviors that deems whether the patient is at risk. Procedure and protocol: The protocol that the nurse would follow to develop a proper mental health assessment form includes assessing the action of the patient. In order to understand the action of the patient, the nurse would clearly evaluate the appearance and behavior of the patient. She should also include the speech of the patient, mood and effect, form of thought, content of thought, perception, insight as well as cognition of the patient (Lereya et al., 2015). This will be known by the nurse from the action of the patent whom she is treating. Te next step after evaluating his action, the nurse needs to understand the patient history and formulate idea from it. This is done by presenting physical findings; history of the mental health program, different medications that patient was taking, personal background of the patient, his personal affairs, alcohol and drugs, sexual health and forensic history and others (Yaghmei, Koudelka Simpson, 2013). The nurse should develop a proper collaborative care by consulting with different professionals like GP, case manager, psychiatrist and others. The nurse may also develop a psychosocial framework in order to assure that she is planning the correct interventions. This framework includes assessment of the physical phenomena, functional performance, interpersonal communication, social resources as well as relationship with society and other environment. Risk assessments for self harm usually includes self harm or suiciding tendency, looking over aggression and harm to others. After proper legal considerations like duty of care, estimating the patients capacity to consent and other legislations and policies the nurse should propose her planning (Pitchell et al., 2015). Examples of mental health assessments for mental disorders: One can provide examples in order to portray how different cases can be handled. In case of patients with depression, different screening tools are used by nurses with the help of important question that help the nurse to gather information about the reason that is causing depression. Other tools like patient health questionnaire feeling, different scales like hospitals anxiety and depression scale, interview based tools can be utilized to assess the main issue and then provide interventions accordingly (Corrigan, Druss Perlick, 2014). In case of bipolar disorders, the nurse should conduct physical exam, psychiatric assessment, mood charting and understand the criteria of the patient for bipolar disorder. These will give them an idea about how to handle the patient with bipolar disorder. In case of patients with substance abuse disorders, behaviour skills checklist should be done, proper communication with the patient is done to know the major reasons, emotional and personal barrier s are known and others to assess the mental health patients. Thereby these are some of the preliminary mental health assessments required to be conducted by nurses to treat such people. Conclusion: Hence, one can come to a conclusion that a patient suffering from mental health issues not only suffers from emotional stresses but also have affected physical live as the improper mental health affect the physiological system of the body. It affects their personal as well as professional life. Even societies make them excluded and in turn make them more also fight for themselves. Not only the mental health patients, but also their family members are also getting affected economically affecting them both mentally and physically. Even societies are also getting affected. Therefore it is extremely important for healthcare professional to provide correct interventions it these individuals so that they can develop a better quality life. However, in order to provide better interventions, the nurses should have the capability to properly assess the mental health condition of the patient so that she can provide the best interventions as well as recommendations and referrals to other experts if necessary. Just like every physiological problem of patients are handed with property by the healthcare sectors, it is also their duty that each and every mental health issues should also be handled with similar property. A nation free from mental health issues will surely succeed in making the nation proud economically and culturally as well. References: Baker, J. T., Pennant, L., Baltruaitis, T., Vijay, S., Liebson, E. S., Ongur, D., Morency, L. P. (2016). Toward Expert Systems in Mental Health Assessment: A Computational Approach to the Face and Voice in Dyadic Patient-Doctor Interactions.Iproceedings,2(1), e44. Barkley, R. A. (Ed.). (2014).Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A handbook for diagnosis and treatment. 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